"Compromise is but the sacrifice of one right or good in the hope of retaining another - too often ending in the loss of both."
Tryon Edwards
Delivering Innovative Solutions - It's not just about being Creative
2013 Nashville PMI's 8th Annual Symposium

Business Analysis- Asking the Right Questions
Succinct, easy to follow, tips on how BAs should ask the right questions

UGA Terry College of Business Executive Program
Business Analysis Professional Certificate Information

Advanced Strategies, Inc. is an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider (EEP)
IIBA Endorsed Education F.A.Q

Advanced Strategies, Inc. is a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.)
PMI Registered Education F.A.Q

Where to position BAs in the Organization
Advanced Strategies' White Paper

Advanced Strategies methods compared to SixSigma
Advanced Strategies' Methods

The Evolving Role of the Business Analyst ��Are You Prepared?
2006 Minnesota Government Information Technology Symposium
Presented by Richard Branton. Includes full presentation slides, handouts and exercise solutions.

Driving Project Success
2005 Minnesota Government Information Technology Symposium
Presented by Richard Branton. Also see the Driving Project Sucess Framework Handout.

Book Release
Beating the Odds
New release by Advanced Strategies Press.

Defining Requirements
2005 GTC East
Presented by Craig Carter. Includes class slides, stencils, and additional information

Five Types of Business Models
2005 DAMA Symposium
Presented by Steve Farrell. Includes presentation slides, stencils, and additional information

The Advanced Strategist Newsletter
The most recent edition of our newsletter.

Parables of Leadership
2004 MN IT Symposium - St. Paul, MN
Presented by Richard Branton. Also see an Additional List of Stories.

A Project "Bills of Rights" for Public Health Professionals
2003 Public Health Information Network Conference - Atlanta, GA
Presented by Ed Wynn

Get "Focused" Before Data Modeling
2003 DAMA International Symposium - Orlando, FL
Presented by Steve Farrell. Also see the Focus Statement template and a Focus Statement sample

Napkin Project Definition & Planning
2000 MN IT Symposium - St. Paul, MN
Presented by Ed Wynn

Business Modeling and UML: Reality vs. Hype
2000 MN IT Symposium - St. Paul, MN
Presented by Steve Farrell

Securing Resources
2000 MN IT Symposium - St. Paul, MN
Presented by John Schroeder


Art of Synthesizing Data
        Napkin Report Study Phase Specification Template
        Report Steps Examples Template
        Report Steps Blank Template
        Report Steps Questions Template

Business Object Modeling
        BOM Text Table Templates
        BOM Text Outline Template

Business Process Modeling
        BPM Modified Components Template
        BPM Process Model Text Template
        BPM Removed Components Template

Communication Planning
        Template Pack
        Napkin Planning Template
        Index Card Level Template
        DIACOPP Log

Delivering Innovation
        Innovation Template Package

Facilitating Business Process Modeling
        BPM Event Plan - Simple Template
        BPM Event Plan - Template
        BPM Event Summary Sample

Testing Strategies
        Decision Table Template
        Test Cases Template

Visio Stencils
        Visio 2003 Stencils v5.1 (includes: DFD, ERD, STD, SCD, SC, NSC, OD)
        Visio 2002 Stencils v4.3
        Visio 2000 Stencils v1

Path to a Solution
Project Definition Refresher
Project Definition Template
Business Analyst Framework
Data Professional Framework
Project Management Framework


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