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 GTC East 2005: Albany, NY
Class: Defining Requirements
This class was presented on September 19th, 2005 at the GTC East 2005 Symposium in Albany, NY.

Defining requirements is a crucial skill, highly valued because it paves the way for more secure, efficient and effective projects and information technology functions. For example, improper definition may lead to an application that is not meeting business needs. Or failure to understand how information may be used and shared can expose security vulnerabilities.

Defining requirements involves knowing the right questions to ask and having an organized set of processes and tools to carry out a thorough cycle of action. This one day class will provide training, case studies and best practices to help participants improve their skill at defining requirements.

Presentation Slides
Defining Business Requirements

Modeling Tools
Requirements Document Template
Model Text Templates
Visio 2003 Stencils v5.1
Visio 2002 Stencils v4.3

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