About Us - Who We Are

Advanced Strategies, Inc. was established in 1988 by Richard Branton and Abe Wong. The staff has grown from its original two founders to become an expanded organization of highly trained and skilled consultants, most of who have more than ten years experience in their areas of expertise. Our mission is to assist the information systems industry in successfully making the transition from the traditional artistic software development approach to a more engineering development paradigm. This is achieved through training, coaching and consulting, ensuring an effective transfer of both knowledge and technology to our clients.

We are committed in our orientation and ability to convey technical and business expertise to our clients; thereby enabling them to "do the work" themselves after our assignment is completed.

Our Purpose
It is the purpose of Advanced Strategies to contribute uniquely to the success of our customers and clients, to create a work opportunity that enhances a person's whole life experience, to be financially successful, to grow, to create an enduring institution, to make a difference in our industries, and to create a model for others.



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