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In 1982, Abraham Wong paid a sales call to Richard Branton. Abe was a Senior Sales executive with Cullinet Software. Richard was the Manager of Data Administration for Southern Services Company (service company for Southern Electric System). Through the years, beyond their vendor-buyer relationship, Abe and Richard found that they shared many values, perspectives, and beliefs. They also shared the frustration and disgust of seeing software development initiatives fail, be scrapped, or be completed but never used. Richard had started a program at Southern Company to address this concern and the premise of "error-free" software was conceived.

In October of 1988, Abe and Richard partnered to start Advanced Strategies, Inc. with the goal of developing methods and techniques to enable the development of error-free code.

The partners recognized that the most costly errors in software development were not in syntax or coding, as commonly perceived. The major problems were a result of the programmers not understanding the business needs of the end-users of the system. The core principle that systems should be "business driven" and "user-centric" was adopted.

A methodology for software development was created that emphasized the importance of understanding the business objectives. Techniques, processes, and communications tools were developed to enable business analysts to liaise between the business users and the programmers, to insure that the system would address the true business needs.

Abe and Richard were determined not to be a consulting company that parked themselves at a client's office, creating dependencies. Instead, Advanced Strategies became the Performance Transfer CompanySM.

We teach our customers how to do the work after we leave. We consult, we facilitate, we train, and no matter what we are doing, we always customize solutions to meet our client's specific business needs.

We now have over forty courses that support our methodologies, even more consulting practices, and have expanded our services to quality improvement of business processes and management consulting.

As we celebrate over twenty years of service, we look forward to publishing some of our materials and sharing some of the lessons that we have learned on our journey.


  • You cannot have true synergy without conflict. Advanced Strategies captures that synergy by facilitating conflicting parties to an optimal solution.
    Abe Wong
  • Once a dream gets a hold of you, it never lets go - That's Advanced Strategies to me.
    Richard Branton



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