"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."
Henry Ford


Subject Overview: When Executives and Managers are busy putting out fires, innovation can fall by the wayside. Understanding how Innovation happens, and how to save time for it, paves the way for innovation on the part of the individual Manager as well as the organization. Through lecture, discussion and case studies, this course will give Managers the knowledge and motivation necessary to generate, formalize and implement innovative ideas that provide real benefit to their customers.

Course Outcomes:
Students of this course will return to work with:
• Improved potential for managers to generate and implement innovative ideas
• An understanding of The Innovation Process
• Practical techniques for fostering and communicating innovation
• Strategies for developing “trusted advisor” relationships with customers

Course Outline:
Innovation: The Key to The Future
  • Innovation vs. Creativity
  • The Innovation Process
    • Nourishment
    • Creativity
    • Resourcefulness
    • Formalization
    • Execution
  • A Path to a Solution
  • Innovation as a Process Over Time
  • Mini-Case: Innovation in Action
Innovation Process: Nourishment
  • Being a Leader
  • Understanding the Business
  • Understanding Your Customers
  • Understanding Your Customers’ Customers
  • Relating to Customers –Trusted Advisors
  • Understanding Your Product
  • Increasing Your “Luck”
  • Thinking Strategically, Tactically, Operationally
  • Mental Processes
  • Making Time for Innovation
  • Discipline
Innovation Process: Creativity
  • What is Creativity?
  • Avoiding Mental Obstacles
  • Sources of Innovative Ideas
    • Ah ha!
    • Borrowing
    • Mining
    • Problem Analysis
    • Problem Solving
  • Seeing the Opportunity
  • Defining the Threat/Opportunity
  • Little Ideas Can Have a Big Impact
  • Idea Generation & Capture
Innovation Process: Resourcefulness
  • What is Resourcefulness?
  • Seeking the “Can’t”
  • Targeted Problem Solving
  • Resourcefulness Techniques & Capture
Innovation Process: Formalization
  • What is Formalization?
  • Translating Potential Innovation Into Customer-Meaningful Offerings
  • Conceptualizing the Solution
  • Documenting the Innovation
  • Understanding Change
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Managing Objections
  • Communicating the Innovation
  • Gaining Support for the Innovation
Innovation Process: Execution
  • Innovation Only Occurs with Execution
  • Stages of Execution
    • Proof of Concept
    • Shake Out
    • Roll Out
  • Establishing a Basis for Assessing Results
  • Developing a Plan
  • Managing the Plan
Supporting Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Idea-Generation Techniques
  • Problem Analysis
  • Collaboration
  • Framework for Structuring an Innovation Workshop
Bonus: Overcoming Barriers to Innovation
  • Individual Barriers
  • Group Barriers
  • Organizational Barriers
Bonus: Survey of Formal Techniques
  • Process Reinvention
  • Six Sigma
  • Kepner- Tregoe Rational Problem Solving
  • Fifth Discipline, Including Learning Organization and System Thinking and Others
Case Study

Who Should Attend:
Executives, Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Account Managers, and anyone who is charged with generation new, innovative ideas

Course Duration:
Two Days

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