"Big business needs Unity of Direction combined with the Energy and Enthusiasm which comes from employees having freedom to do things their own way."
Peter Drucker
Role of the Project Manager/Leader
The Reality

Plan, organize, control, and lead:

  • a team of individuals
    (not all of whom are of your choosing)
  • in the production of a specified set of deliverables
    (not completely known at the time)
  • in the achievement of a specified set of goals
    (also not completely known at the time)
  • within a definite period of time
    (often less than what is needed, and often shifting)
  • achieving a quality level acceptable to the beneficiaries and other stakeholders
    (who don't always know what they want; who may lose interest in the effort or priorities may shift due to the urgency of other projects; and whose interests may conflict with each other)
  • in spite of a scarcity of resources
    (which are not necessarily under one's control)
  • in spite of an assortment of constraints including the absence of formal authority


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