"For every problem, no matter how complex, no matter how difficult the situation, there is always a solution that is simple, straightforward, quick, -- and wrong."
Richard Branton

Roll-Out involves the integrating of system components and activating them in a production environment to realize the business benefits of a system. Successful roll-outs are often characterized by a user population which not only receives the product, but also receives the motivation, desire, and ability to use it successfully.

There are many natural reasons for the resistance which accompanies roll-out. An effective roll-out allows the users to overcome the difficulty in changing their formal and informal structures to accept the new system. Advanced Strategies Roll-Out course is presented in the context of an essential methodology with tips and techniques. It does not provide a “cookbook” approach of steps to complete.

Course Outcomes:
Students of Advanced Strategies’ Business Roll-Out Course will return to work, able to apply the strategies presented thus enabling them to develop and execute implementation plans in their own environment.

Course Outline:
  • Traditional Views of Roll-Out
  • Terminology
  • Perspectives in Life-cycle
  • Characteristics of a Successful Roll-Out
Leadership in Roll-Out
  • Importance of Leadership
  • Incremental Change
  • Reasons for Resistance
  • Role of the Change Agent
  • Elements of an Implementation Plan
Tips and Techniques
  • Deployment Approaches
  • Deciding Factors in Roll-Out
  • Training
  • Post Implementation Review
  • Project Summary
Implementation Activities
  • Conversion
  • Migration
  • Installation
  • Decommission
  • Monitor
Implementation Activities (Continued)
  • Activate
  • Transition to Production
  • Developing the Implementation Strategy
  • Customization Requirements
Managing the Roll-Out Process
  • Roll-Out Strategy
  • Roll-Out Planning
  • Planning Instruments
  • Sizing Tasks
  • Conclusions

Who Should Attend:
This course is targeted for Business Analysts and others leading, sponsoring or working on the roll-out of a large application.

Course Duration:
Three Days

Class Availability: Request It Now!

Materials Provided:
Student Workbook

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