"Strategic Planning is crucial if a growing company is to succeed beyond the capabilities of the original key players."
Abe Wong


While it is one thing to talk about business analysis, JDA facilitation and real-time modeling, it is another to see these techniques in action.This ½ day management briefing was developed to provide business managers, project managers, business analysts and other project stakeholders with an accurate image of how formal business analysis will be conducted on their project. By participating in a live demonstration, attendees leave with an understanding of and appreciation for

  1. Why business modeling is crucial to the success of the effort.
  2. What a real time modeling session looks and feels like and how vast amounts of progress can be made in relatively short amounts of time.
  3. How the models are used to guide the discussion and trigger insights into business innovation.
  4. What the different business models and instruments look like and how they are used.
  5. How a real time modeling approach puts the business management and staff in the center of the business analysis process and enables them to reach consensus on blueprints for optimizing business operations, information and systems.

Course Duration:
Half Day

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