"We don't live in a world of reality, we live in a world of perceptions."
Gerald J. Simmons

Business Process Modeling is a technique used for describing, documenting and analyzing a businesses’ processes. Process models are created with the business users to produce an intuitive, non-technical model representing their perspective of how the business is conducted. These models form a basis for information system development and business process improvement.

Subject Overview: Business process modeling is a powerful technique for working with individuals and small groups to discover current processes, assess those processes, and come up with a specification for an optimized “to-be” world. Facilitation multiplies the power of process modeling by enabling analysts to lead groups of 3 - 15 people through a structured session that enables participants to resolve their differing and conflicting perspectives into agreement and buy-in on how the "to-be" world should be structured across business functions and roles.

While modeling and facilitation are two closely related skills, they are best learned independently. While business process modeling classes teach how to discover and document current processes, and business process analysis classes teach how to break through the complexity to create "to-be" models, this facilitation course focuses on:

  • How to optimize the use of participants' time.
  • How to use a structured approach to enable agreement from diverse, conflicting, and political perspectives.
  • How to focus the session on the areas that will deliver the highest returns.
  • How to advise people on how to improve their processes without the push back of: “quit telling me how to do my job.”
  • How to ensure the sessions speak the language of business and are seen as valuable by all participants.

Course Outcomes:
Students of Advanced Strategies’ Facilitating Process Modeling Sessions course will return to work with the skills necessary to plan, prepare, facilitate, and wrap moderately complex group process modeling sessions to analyze current and future processes.

Course Outline:
  • Components for success: process modeling, process analysis, and project definition
  • Pros and cons of group sessions
  • Can the session be successful and the results sustainable?
Participant Responsibilities
  • Sponsors
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • The Facilitator
  • The Coach
  • The Recording Analysts
  • Provocateurs and Guest Experts
Planning the Session
  • Goals
  • Focus
  • Known Risks
  • Starting from a Blank Slate vs. Iterating Existing Work
  • Function Follows Purpose
Preparing the Session
  • Determining the Participants
  • Analyzing the Participants
  • Intellectual vs. Emotional Activities
  • Structuring the Activities
  • Scheduling the Activities
  • Staffing the Event
  • Planning the Facility, Resources, and Equipment
The First Thirty Minutes
  • Sponsor Kick Off
  • The Higher Calling
  • What Are We Optimizing To?
  • Focus and Agenda
Facilitating the Event
  • Conducting Oneself as a Facilitator
  • Using the Instrument
  • Directing Traffic
  • Common Situations to Be Handled
  • Handling Disagreements
Wrapping the Events
  • The Importance of Closure
  • Identifying Next Steps
  • Options in Presenting the Models – the Medium Is the Message
  • Importance of Debriefing
Creating Deliverables and TADs
  • Recording Analyst Assignments
  • Recording Analyst Responsibilities
  • How to Record the Session
  • Sample Document Templates
  • Executive Summaries

Who Should Attend:
This course is targeted for business analysts and modelers who are able to successfully work with individuals and small groups in creating models and are looking to improve their ability to lead larger, cross-functional sessions.

Course Prerequisites:
Business Process Modeling - Documenting the "As-Is"

Course Duration:
Three Days

Class Availability: Request It Now!

Materials Provided:
Student Workbook including refresher card, checklists and templates.

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