"Good executives never put off until tomorrow what they can get someone else to do today."

Information Technology projects frequently involve working with outside vendors. As a result, the success of today’s projects often depends on the effective management of these vendors to ensure the services provided are appropriate, timely, cost-effective, and trouble-free.

It is not unusual to find situations where the Project Manager feels out of control with outside vendors, often because they have had minimal training in the ability to motivate, manage, direct, review, and assess the efforts of these vendors.
This course illustrates to the Project Manager how to assume and maintain control in vendor relationships while building an enjoyable working partnership with the vendor.

Course Outcomes:
Students of the Advanced Strategies' Vendor Management Course will return to work:

  1. With strategies for initiating, managing, and executing the vendor management process;
  2. Understanding the key elements of ongoing oversight management;
  3. Able to identify and develop reasonable feedback and assessment opportunities to ensure that appropriate progress is being made and results are being produced.

Course Outline:

  1. Foundations of Vendor Management
  2. Classes of Vendor Services
  3. Roles and Responsibilities in Vendor Relations
  4. Initiating Vendor Relationships
  5. Oversight Techniques
  6. Key Precautions and Safeguards
  7. Selecting Vendors
  8. Encouraging Vendors to Look for Cost Savings
  9. Coordinating Multiple Vendors

Who Should Attend:
This course is targeted for Project Managers, Project Leaders, and anyone else using outside vendors to complete a project.

Course Duration:
Two Days

Class Availability: Request It Now!

Materials Provided:
Student Course Book

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