"When what you are is what you want to be, that’s happiness –"
Malcolm Forbes

The goal of strategic planning is to develop a consistent vision for guiding an organization’s actions, decision making, and resource allocation. Strategic planning should be based on the value created by the organization for its customers and should position the organization as a value-added business partner to those customers. A formal strategic plan contains at least two distinct parts:
  1. A Business Strategy Model – identifying the desired future state of the organization.
  2. A Strategic Transformation Plan – prioritizing and planning the activities needed to reach that state.

To quote Peter Drucker:
“Big business needs unity of direction combined with energy and enthusiasm which comes from employees having the freedom to do things their own way.”

Advanced Strategies’ approach to strategic planning utilizes a structured methodology to explore and specify five main strategic components:

  1. Intentions – the expected business results to sponsors, customers, and staff.
  2. Values – the principles that guide what is expected and accepted in the pursuit of those results.
  3. Market Space Analysis – prioritizing the core markets the organization serves and the core offerings it provides.
  4. External Environment – examining the trends, constraints, and opportunities outside of the organization’s control that must be monitored, responded to, and capitalized on.
  5. Internal Environment – everything the organization wishes to put in place to deliver the above in terms of people, funding, facilities, processes, and systems.

Course Outcomes:
Students of Advanced Strategies’ Strategic Planning course will return to work:

  1. With an appreciation of the importance and application of strategic planning in today’s hypercompetitive and rapidly changing world.
  2. With a framework for focusing on truly strategic decisions - those that will impact the organization's direction, priorities, culture, and ultimately, its success or failure.
  3. With techniques for transforming a strategic vision into actionable projects, with the tools to prioritize and focus resources on the activities most needed to reach the desired future state.

Course Outline:
Overview of Strategic Planning
  • What is Strategic Planning?
  • Role of Strategic Planning
  • Risks of Strategic Planning
  • Elements of a Strategic Plan
Deliverables of a Strategic Plan
  • Business Strategy Model
  • Strategic Transformation Plan
  • Current BSM vs. New BSM
  • Strategic vs. Operational vs. Tactical
Core Elements of a Business Strategy Model
  • Intentions
  • Values
  • Means
  • Environments
Intentions and Values
  • Defining an Organization’s Purpose
  • Mission, Objectives, and Goals
  • Regulating Values
  • Meeting Long Term Intentions
Market Space Matrix
  • Offerings and Markets
  • Current Space and Desired Space
  • Assessing Each Market Space
  • Other Market Space Dimensions
  • (e.g. Brand, Location, ...)
External Environment
  • Enterprise Environment
  • Market Environment
  • Supply Environment
  • Positioning within the Environment
Internal Environment
  • Culture, Processes, and Skills
  • Leveraging Relationships and Experience
  • Organizational Configuration
Triage - Where to Expend Resources
  • Management Attention
  • Capacity
  • Availability of Suitable Alternatives
  • Political Sustainability
Final Case Study
  • Exercises
  • Techniques and Tips
  • Work Product Transformation
  • Presenting the Plan

Who Should Attend:
The course is targeted for anyone who sees themselves as a person responsible for shaping and implementing the direction of an organization. From CEOs, CIOs, and commissioners down to directors, managers, and individual contributors, the techniques are scaleable for any size organization.

Course Duration:
Three Days

Class Availability: Request It Now!

Materials Provided:
Student Course Book, Student Workbook, Handouts and Samples

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