"It is the people who are laying the track that determine where the train goes. The conductor only controls the speed."

Project Promotion involves the ability of the Project Manager to retain support and enthusiasm for a project among the stakeholders from the project’s conception through its completion. Project Promotion requires a far deeper skill set than “selling the project”. In fact, the key to effective project promotion is not to “sell” the project at all, but to continuously communicate the project’s progress and effectively manage the expectations of the stakeholders.

Organizations have short attention spans and without effective project promotion expectations may drift, sponsorship may be lost, and resources may be reassigned to other projects. Too often a project is abandoned before it is completed due to poor communication, a lack of vision, or a change in the organization’s priorities.
The successful promotion of a project assumes two important principles:

  1. The Project Manager is not required—or even expected—to sell the project;
  2. The Project Manager is required to have a thorough knowledge of both the project (including its benefits to the organization) and the stakeholders.
By understanding both of these aspects, the project leader can articulate the project’s messages in a way that aligns with their stakeholders’ interests.

Course Outcomes:
Students of the Advanced Strategies' Project Promotion course will return to work:

  1. Able to develop the key elements of a vision for their project.
  2. With a process for identifying the interests, concerns, and backgrounds of the stakeholders critical to sustaining the effort.
  3. With a mechanism for mapping the core messages to a variety of audiences and mediums.

Course Outline:
Project Promotion Overview
  • Introduction and Principles
  • A Project Mgmt. Framework
  • Promoting vs. Selling
  • Promoting to Sponsors
  • Promotion for Team Leadership
The Value of Project Promotion
  • Budget Approval
  • Sustaining Support Throughout the Effort
  • Utilizing Progress Reports
  • Organizational Attention Span
Identifying Stakeholders
  • The Project Team
  • Sponsors
  • Beneficiaries
  • Benefactors
  • Other Indirect Stakeholders
Analyzing Stakeholders
  • Background
  • Interests
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Fears
Understanding Agendas
  • Public
  • Private
  • Hidden
  • Emotional vs. Intellectual Needs
Developing a Vision
  • Intentions
  • Values
  • Focus
  • Context
Creating Messages
  • Know the Audience
  • Map the Message
  • Process for Developing What They Want, Not What You Need
Using the Time You Have
  • Canned Presentations
  • The Two Minute Drill
  • Thirty Second Spots
  • Sound Bites
Tips for Different Mediums
  • Written
  • Verbal
  • Utilizing Multi-Media
  • Other

Who Should Attend:
This course is targeted for Project Managers, Project Leaders, and anyone else interested in successfully promoting a project.

Course Prerequisites:
Project Definition
Project Management: A Framework for Today’s Environment
Project Management: Leadership

Course Duration:
One Day

Class Availability: Request It Now!

Materials Provided:
Student Course Book

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