"A problem is a difference between things as desired and things as perceived."
Gerald Weinberg

A Business Analyst is a business problem solver, capable of analyzing the business to identify problems and/ or opportunities and to define solution characteristics. A Business Analyst can be a liaison between the business and technical worlds, but is not intoxicated by
technology, and not the end user. They provide the process, questions, and techniques to efficiently extract the information needed from the Business Users for successful application development projects. A Business Analyst can also be an integral part of strategic planning, business
innovation, or reengineering effort to help select the right projects and/or facilitate the analysis of what needs to be done to bring the
business (or part of it ) to a desired future state.

Why Business Analysis
A global resurgence in business analysis is taking place. The increased pressure to innovate, do more with less, and succeed in environments with short attention spans has organizations scrambling to build business analysis capabilities.

Innovation requires:

  • Aligning business strategy with enterprise goals.
  • Breaking down silos to create integrated processes and data
    across organizational and political boundaries.
  • Architecting processes, systems, and information to work
    together in harmony.
  • Optimizing technology to create new value and services for
    both internal and external customers.

Business analysis is following the exponential growth of project
management as the new prerequisite, not just for project success,
but career success.

Advanced Strategies Business Analysis Transformation
               More than Training…Innovation for the Entire Organization

Advanced Strategies is a registered and endorsed education provider of IIBA and PMI. Additionally courses are applicable toward business analysis certificates of completion and continuing education units from UGA Terry College of Business. For more information, Click Here

A nationwide resurgence and investment in business analysis is taking place as organizations seek to improve their ability to:

  • Innovate, not just automate, on IT projects.
  • Enable successful organizational change.
  • Reduce the risk of project failure.

This ½-day management briefing was developed to answer many of the most frequently asked questions by exeuctives, managers, and supervisors regarding the increased investments being made in business analysis within their organizations and on their projects.

Course Outcomes:
This course will help students answer key questions around project success including

  1. Why the investment in business analysis?
  2. How is this different than what we’ve done in the past?
  3. How is this the same or different than our project management initiatives?
  4. What should I expect going forward?
  5. What is expected of me and my team?
  6. How do key techniques impact our ability to innovate and drive project success:

    1. Project Definition
    2. Process Modeling
    3. Facilitated Sessions

  7. Can it succeed here?

Who Should Attend:
This course is targeted for Executives or anyone who is an Executive Sponsor or Manager of a major initiative.

Course Duration:
Half Day

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