"For every problem, no matter how complex, no matter how difficult the situation, there is always a solution that is simple, straightforward, quick, -- and wrong."
Richard Branton

Software Acquisition involves all activities required to transform a “formal” need to an implementation-ready solution with minimal “surprises” at a realistic cost. An effective software acquisition process must often overcome many obstacles/constraints including the following:
  • Budget constraints including the cost of the study and the cost of the product(s).
  • Limited people to put on the effort
  • Time deadlines for major milestones
  • Managing vendors
  • The socio-political context of your environment

Advanced Strategies' Software Selection Course presents a framework for the successful selection of software. Against this framework, students determine what has been accomplished and tailor a process to reach completion.
In addition, a product evaluation tool is presented and customized into a unique selection instrument for the student’s individual environment.

Course Outcomes:
Students of Advanced Strategies’ Software Selection Course will return to work and be able to apply the tailored software selection process created in the class.

Course Outline:
Overview of The Software Selection Process
  • Identifying Stakeholders
  • Using Consensus
  • Functions vs. Features
  • Elimination vs. Selection
  • When to Address Costs
Major Selection Steps
  • Identifying Stakeholders
  • Refining Objectives
  • Screening Products
  • Collecting User Experience
  • Final Evaluation
Participating Stakeholders
  • The User’s Perspective
  • The Developer’s Perspective
  • The Support Perspective
  • Executive Management’s Perspective
Narrowing the Field
  • Request for Literature
  • Request for Information
  • Request for Presentation
  • Request for Proposal
Paper Evaluations
  • Product Rating Scales
  • Criteria Weighting
  • Using Site Visits
  • Using Vendor Demos
In-House Evaluations
  • Cost / Benefit
  • Stress Test
  • Facilities Test
  • User Evaluations

Who Should Attend:
This course is targeted for Business Analysts, Project Leaders, and CIOs involved in (or overseeing) the selection and customization of packaged software.

Course Duration:
Two Days

Class Availability: Request It Now!

Materials Provided:
Student Workbook and Automated Product Evaluation Score Cards

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