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Alexander Lendru-Rollin

Architectural Design is a structured process that bridges the gap between analysis and design; transforming user requirements into a foundation for the detailed design of the solution.
A complete Architectural Design consists of the conceptual architecture, the business architecture, and the physical architecture.

Conceptual Architectural Design involves the identification of architectural constraints and the technology direction of the organization.
Once identified, a “rough picture” of the implementation is developed.
Business Architectural Design is the partitioning of the proposed solution by human/machine boundaries, time boundaries, distribution boundaries, etc.
Once the solution is partitioned, the interfaces are identified.
Physical Architectural Design maps the technology decisions to these partitions.
It is a design that identifies system interfaces, data stores, automated processes, communication approaches, security, disaster recovery, etc.

Course Outcomes:
Students of Advanced Strategies’ Architectural Design Course will return to work:

  1. Recognizing, the importance Architectural Design.
  2. Understanding, at the overview level, how Business Models are transformed in design.
  3. Understanding, at the overview level, the process for Architectural Design.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to Architectural Design
  2. The Design Life Cycle
  3. Conceptual Product Design
  4. Establishing Design Priorities
  5. The Architectural Design Process
  6. Packaging the Design Proposal

Who Should Attend:
This course is targeted for Business Analysts and Designers leading, sponsoring or working on the transformation of business models to an architectural design.

Course Prerequisites:
Business Event Modeling
Business Object Modeling
Business Process Analysis - Optimizing the "To-Be"
Process Design
Technical Data Modeling

Course Duration:
One Day

Class Availability: Request It Now!

Materials Provided:
Student Workbook

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