"Users are paid to do their jobs, not to understand their jobs"
Tom DeMarco

JDA(SM) - pronounced “jad” - is a Joint Development Approach technique used to derive consensus among a variety of participants representing multiple, potentially conflicting, perspectives and needs. This highly efficient approach to conducting meetings is optimized to produce solutions that reflect the informed consensus of the group.

Business process modeling is a powerful technique for working with individuals and small groups to define expectations and discover and assess current business processes. Effective facilitation multiplies the power of process modeling by enabling Business Analysts to lead groups through a structured session that enables the participants to resolve their differing and conflicting perspectives of how the business works.

Course Outcomes:
While modeling and facilitation are two closely related skills, they are best learned independently. While business process modeling classes teach how to discover and document current processes, the facilitation course focuses on:

  • How to optimize the use of the participants’ time in a facilitated session.
  • How to better utilize existing process modeling skills to lead groups of people in a structured meeting/session to discover current processes.
  • How to use a structured approach to enable agreement from diverse, conflicting, and political perspectives.
  • How to ensure the sessions speak the language of business and are seen as valuable by all participants.
  • How to resolve differing and conflicting perspectives into understanding and agreement.

Who Should Attend:
Business Analysts and Modelers who are able to successfully work with individuals and small groups in creating models and who are looking to improve their ability to lead larger, cross-functional sessions. It is appropriate for Project Managers, Business Analysts and anyone responsible for reaching consensus on definitions and process models.

Course Duration:
Three Days

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