"The journey of ten thousand miles begins with one step - in the wrong direction."
Lao-Tzu and Richard Branton


: An effective user interface design will focus on the user’s experience and interaction. While graphic design seeks to make the application physically attractive, the goal of user interface design is to help make the users’ interaction as intuitive as possible. This course will include techniques to fully understand what is required of the system to accomplish the goals of the project and the potential users. This course will teach students how to discern who are the users, what they need the system to do, how would the system fit into their normal work flow, and how to design the interface so it is functional, intuitive to use, and the look and feel style is appealing. It will also include stages and methods of review to insure the interface meets user’s needs.

Course Outcomes:
Students of this course will return to work:

  • Able to develop and document intuitive and functional user interface designs.
  • Able to critique user interfaces and clearly articulate how they can be refined to improve the experience for the users.
  • With an appreciation for the value of formal, robust system design to the success of the organization.
  • With an understanding of how oft overlooked and undersigned system elements (e.g. user aides) can impact the ultimate success of a system.

Course Outline:
  • What is a user interface?
  • Types of interfaces
  • Goals of interface design
Identifying and Designing User Interfaces
  • Understanding the users
  • Understanding the work
  • Understanding the environment
  • Developing the concept
  • Engineering the design
Elements of Design
  • Input vs. output
  • Interaction models (transaction, data, etc.)
  • Designing for the platform (browser, forms, IVR, reports, etc.)
  • What about style?
Completing the Interface Design
  • Detailing the design
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Accessibility
  • User aides
  • Tips
Evaluating a Design
  • Prototyping
  • Peer Reviews
  • User Reviews
Taking it Forward
  • Use Cases
  • Process Design
  • Logic Design
  • Coding and Testing

Who Should Attend:
The primary audience is Systems Analysts.

Course Duration:
Three Days

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