"A picture is worth a Thousand Words."

Technical Data Modeling is a technique for developing high quality data structures. Technical data modeling transforms a business object model to a conceptual data model, to a logical data model then to a physical data model.
Technical data modeling shifts from a business view of the natural world to a technical view of data structures and their organization.

Since the data models are direct transformations of the business object model, the resulting data structures are:

  • Stable - The structure is prepared for unanticipated queries
  • Flexible - New relationships and new objects can be added without altering the initial data structure
  • Intuitive - Users can efficiently find the data they need since the data structure matches their view of the world
  • Complete - Containing all the business objects and relationships (and therefore data) the users care about
  • Compact – Eliminating unnecessary redundant data and unmanaged data
Data structures that are stable, flexible, intuitive, complete, and compact provide more value to an enterprise and require less spending on maintenance, support, training and enhancements.

Course Outcomes:
Students of Advanced Strategies’ Overview of Technical Data Modeling Course will return to work:

  1. Understanding, at the overview level, the process for transforming a business object model into a physical data model.
  2. Able to read conceptual and logical data models.
  3. Comprehending the data modeling vocabulary.

Course Outline:

  1. Review of Business Object Modeling
  2. Developing a Conceptual Data Model
  3. Developing a Logical Data Model
  4. Data Structure Issues
  5. Highlights of Transaction Analysis
  6. Developing a Physical Data Model

Who Should Attend:
This course is targeted for Business Analysts who are creating business object models that will be transformed to data models by other members of their team.

Course Prerequisites:
Business Object Modeling

Course Duration:
One Day

Class Availability: Request It Now!

Materials Provided:
Student Workbook

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