"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools."
Romans 1:22


Requirements Planning and Management for Everyday Projects sets the foundation for Business Analysts to succeed on smaller, one-analyst projects that occur repeatedly across the organization. To be successful in today’s environment, analysts must combine effective analytical, leadership and soft skills to to effectively work with people to discover and implement useful solutions.

Course Outcomes:
Students of this course will return to work with:

  1. A formal, structured technique for defining the project in terms of business outcomes and scoping the high-level business requirements.
  2. A disciplined approach to requirements planning and sizing.
  3. Skills to enhance communication with business customers, thereby increasing the likelihood of project success.
  4. Tips and techniques for managing and conducting the analysis.

Course Outline:
Using the Project Definition
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Securing Commitment and Support
Project Planning
  • Why Plan?
  • Desirable Characteristics of a Plan
  • Project Planning Process
    • Determine Type of Plan
    • Review & Confirm Project Definition
    • Model the Project Process
    • Identify Work Products
    • Identify Resources
    • Size and Schedule the Project
    • Adjust the Plan as Necessary
Other Requirements Management Tips
  • Secure & Organize Resources
  • Worry Management
  • Project Closeout
  • Project Profiles
  • Erosion of Authority
  • Gaining a Voluntary Following
  • Empowerment
Soft Skills for Working with Customers
  • Attitudes and Temperaments
  • How to be a Great Analyst
  • Handling Common Problems Analysts Face
  • Negotiating as a Last Resort
The BA Career Path
  • Acquiring & Maintaining Knowledge/Skills
  • Possible BA Career Paths
  • Changing Culture
  • Conflict Between the BA and PM Roles

Who Should Attend:

  • Analysts who typically perform all the work of the project, including design and development.
  • Professionals who typically work on stand-alone, one-person efforts.
  • Analysts working on small, minimally political business problems.

Course Prerequisites:
Business Analysis Methods and Techniques for Everyday Projects

Course Duration:
Two Days

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