"It's more fun to arrive at a conclusion than to justify it."
Malcolm Forbes

Reconciling Models is used to ensure completeness and consistency among business models. Because there is overlap between the business models representing a businesses’ objects, processes, and events, it is necessary to reconcile these before moving on to design. A formal approach to reconciling the models ensures that the final business specification is consistent, complete, and technically accurate.

Advanced Strategies' approach to reconciling models involves the following stages:

  1. Model Inspection - To ensure each model is complete and technically accurate.
  2. Inter-Model Consistency - To identify any discrepancies between models.
  3. Interaction Analysis - To use the models to discover additional business requirements.

Course Outcomes:
Students of Advanced Strategies’ Reconciling Models Course will return to work with the skills necessary to reconcile the logical models produced during analysis.

Specifically, the students will be able to take business object, process, and event models and transform them into a reconciled business specification that supports design and can be used during system testing as the business requirements test criteria.

Course Outline:
Fundamental Reconciliation Concepts
  • Business Aspects
  • Three Basic Business Models
  • Sample Logical Models
  • Purpose of Model Reconciliation
Model Inspection
  • Transformational Integrity
  • Structural Integrity
  • Relevance (Workability)
Inter-Model Consistency
  • Definition
  • Diagram Components
  • Steps of Reconciliation
Interaction Analysis
  • Overview of Interaction Analysis
  • The CRUD Matrix
  • User Class Mappings
  • Location Mappings
After Reconciling – What’s Next
  • Architectural Design
  • Engineering Design
Final Case Study
  • Logical Data Model
  • Logical Process Model
  • Logical Event Model

Who Should Attend:
This course is targeted for Business Analysts, Data Professionals and other individuals involved in analysis and design.

Course Prerequisites:
Business Event Modeling
Business Object Modeling
Business Process Analysis - Optimizing the "To-Be"

Course Duration:
One Day

Class Availability: Request It Now!

Materials Provided:
Student Workbook including Case Studies and Live Examples

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