Strategic Planning

The goal of strategic planning is to develop a clear, consistent, and shared vision for guiding an organization's actions, decision making, and resource allocation. Strategic planning should be based on the value created by the organization for its customers and should position the organization as a value-added business partner to those customers. Strategic Planning sets the direction for the organization. A Strategic Plan can be long-term (multiple planning cycles) or short term (less than a planning cycle), depending on the organization's circumstances.

The Advanced Strategies approach to strategic planning results in a Business Strategy ModelSM that describes key elements of the organization's shared vision:
  • Intentions-Why does the organization exist, and what end results does it aim to achieve?
  • Values-What criteria will guide the organization in serving its customers, developing and delivering its products or services, and its organizational culture?
  • Market-Space-Which Offerings (products and services) are most critical to meeting the organization's Intentions? Which markets are most critical?
  • Environments-What aspects of the environment outside of the organization must be monitored? How shall the organization structure itself internally (staffing, business processes, budget, equipment, facilities, etc.) so that it can optimally do the work needed to deliver its Offerings to its Markets, so that it achieves its Intentions consistent with its Values?
These sessions can be targeted for enterprises or organizational units within enterprises who:

            Have never conducted strategic planning             Have strategic plans "sitting on the shelf"             Have an existing strategic plan in need of updating

  • Create a cohesive, high performing team through the development of a clear, shared vision.
  • Develop shared Values, including values for the internal culture.
  • Identify and rank Offerings and Markets, so resources can be optimally allocated.
  • Develop a Transformation Plan that will help the organization achieve its new goals.
  • Determine what has prevented the plan from being realized.
  • Confirm the existing direction.
  • Develop a Transformation Plan that will help the organization achieve its new goals.
  • Confirm that the current direction is still valid.
  • Identify new Offerings or Markets and Offerings or Markets that should be deemphasized.
  • Identify changes needed (if any) to the internal environment.
Strategic Planning sessions provide an assisted time to step back from the organization's daily activity, examine your organization's current pains and problems, build a clear, shared vision of where the organization is going, and to discuss strategies for how to get there.

Advanced Strategies has developed:

  1. A set of techniques and tools for identifying critical issues in a structured and documented fashion.
  2. A wide breadth and depth of experience working with Fortune 500 clients and large Government entities in how to overcome the challenges faced by today's Executives.
  3. Facilitators who fluidly adjust to the needs of the organization and make the sessions educational, informative, and enlightening

Many valuable intellectual and emotional benefits emerge from these sessions, including broad support for the new strategic vision and renewed enthusiasm for the organization's goals.

  1. The Advanced Strategies team interviews the project sponsors to determine goals and needs, who should attend the sessions, and how much time is needed and available.
  2. A Candidate Business Strategy Model is prepared to get the participants started.
  3. A tailored set of briefings and exercises is constructed to iterate the Candidate BSM.
  4. Next steps are planned to leverage momentum and ensure the resulting plan is used.
  5. Additional Material is prepared from Advanced Strategies' InfoBase of methodologies, processes, experiences, lessons learned, industry practices, etc.
  6. A revised BSM is created, based on participant's input.
  7. A Turn Around Document is produced after each session, to provide a record of how decisions were reached and why.

Please contact us at or call 770-936-4000, to schedule strategic planning sessions, or for further information.


Turner Broadcasting System
Northrop Grumman
Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
Georgia Power
Habitat for Humanity

Centers for Disease Control
  • Information Technology Services Office
  • Coordinating Center for Health Promotion
  • Office of Workforce and Career Development

State of Minnesota-State Court System
Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center Foundation

�Big business needs unity of direction combined with energy and enthusiasm which comes from employees having the freedom to do things their own way.� - Peter Drucker

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