CIO and Other Senior Executive Management Coaching Sessions

"One on one" customized, facilitated coaching sessions for Executives, performed by one of our partners or master consultants.

These sessions can be targeted for Executives who are interested in:

Personal Strategic Planning for Career Advancement Senior Executive Industry Briefings and Brainstorming Human Resources-Individual Performance Coaching

  • New to their role, and want to make a strong first impression
  • Preparing for increased levels of responsibility
  • Seeking understanding of how they are perceived and why
  • Looking for strategies to compensate for a background solely from the technology world
  • Looking for strategies to compensate for a background solely from the technology, not business world
  • Determining next or future job or role

  • Desiring an experienced, outside perspective to discuss specific or general strategies
  • Lacking time to do industry research, but want to succinctly hear the latest and greatest, and be able to filter and apply it to their world
  • Transitioning from operational to strategic thinking
  • Need a process to set priorities for what is most important to move forward and align with business goals
  • Wanting executive coaching that could truly be customized to their unique needs

  • Seeking methods to attain and retain talent in today's world
  • Wanting to effect attitudinal changes with individuals in their organization
  • Looking to improve employees personal and professional satisfaction from their jobs
  • Helping employees relate to peers, bosses, and subordinates
  • Needing strategies to help promote teamwork and consensus building to develop and meet business objectives
The session provides an assisted time to step-back from the daily activity, examine your current pains and problems, focus your image of where you and your team are going, and to discuss strategies for how to get there.

Advanced Strategies has developed:

  1. A set of techniques and tools for flushing out the issues in a structured and documented fashion
  2. A wide breadth and depth of experience working with Fortune 500 clients and large Government entities in how to overcome the challenges faced by today's Executive
  3. Executive coaches who fluidly adjust to the need of the individual and make the sessions educational, informative, and enlightening.

Many valuable intellectual and emotional benefits emerge from these sessions.

  1. The session is scheduled, typically for one day, off site
  2. Phone interviews are conducted for background information with you, and anyone else who is jointly determined and trusted to give good input, e.g., peers, subordinates, supervisors, family members
  3. A preliminary discussion identifies the key topics to be addressed
  4. Material is prepared from Advanced Strategies' InfoBase of methodologies, processes, experiences, lessons learned, industry practices, �
  5. Executive participant, facilitator, and recording analyst spend the day working through key topics
  6. A Turn Around Document is created, acting as a record of the event

Please contact us at or call 770-936-4000, to set up a schedule which meets your needs.

"It is unusual to find executive coaches who have the combination of 'best practices' knowledge and 'real world' experience that Advanced Strategies is able to bring to their coaching engagements." -Ken Brame, CIO, AutoZone, 2005

"Advanced Strategies takes an extremely personalized approach to executive coaching sessions. They have the ability to listen to individual needs and provide techniques which are extremely effective. They also provide insightful, intelligent and practical information to help executives excel in their professional and personal lives. I am certain that I have become a much more effective and successful person because of my periodic coaching sessions with the Advanced Strategies team" - Danny Schunk, Vice- President, HCA Healthcare, 2006

"I actually believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities"- Bob Nardelli, CEO Home Depot- Fortune Magazine, 07/01/02


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