"Praise does wonders for the sense of hearing."
Consulting    - Major State Government Information Services Agency

To define and build an infrastructure to support agency system development. Needed to increase its credibility with various government agencies and to establish its expertise with those agencies.

Help the agency build a methodology specification, an Information Resource architecture plan and implementation strategy, and help promote them.

Organized a project team to review the current Information Policy Office (I.P.O.) organization and infrastructure. Conducted a Joint Development Approach (JDA) session with I.P.O. management and staff. Taught an Object Modeling class to train I.P.O.'s staff to help it support other agencies. Started delivery of methodology specification and Information Resources architecture.

Production of Information Policy Handbook that supports infrastructure. Budget review cycle successfully and significantly upgraded. For the first time, I.P.O. feels empowered and optimistic in its ability to support other agencies and be recognized as legitimate experts by those agencies. Continue to support the infrastructure redefinition by completing methodology and architecture implementation plans.


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