About the Publisher

Advanced Strategies Press is an imprint of Advanced Strategies, Inc.
Other books from AdvStr Press:
  • JDA Field Manual
  • Process Modeling Handbook
  •   Coming soon from AdvStr Press:
  • Project Defintion book in 2006

  • Advanced Strategies, Inc. was established in 1988 by a group of professional business analysts drawn to a common mission: assisting organizations in improving project success rates in terms of delivering desired business results.
    We approach each project with the recognition that every project has unique needs. As a result, we have built an infrastructure that enables us to tailor all our services to the specific needs of each situation.
    The foundation for this starts by having professionals who do both training and consulting. By training customers on the consulting work they do, our professionals understand the reasons behind the techniques and how to apply them to varying situations. Consulting on what we train ensures that our techniques are practical and effective in today's environment.
    Advanced Strategies core business includes:

    • Bridging the gap between business needs and technological solutions.
    • Bringing conflicting, disparate, and political groups to consensus on strategies and blueprints to architect their desired world.
    • Creating high-performing organizational designs based on business not politics.
    • Progressing and delivering state-of-the-art techniques for business analysis and facilitation.